Founder's story

Nörre Nordic founder

Founding Nörre Nordic was a sum of many factors, but it all began with my personal struggle with severe acne. As a young adult, I tried using products from the market, but to no avail. Instead, they only worsened my skin condition. Frustrated and desperate, I decided to research the ingredients involved in these products, hoping to find a solution.

To my dismay, I discovered that many of these products contained harmful substances that triggered my breakouts. As someone who has always been fond of nature, I began to wonder if there was a more natural solution to my problem. I delved deeper into my research and learned that people have been using plants for medicinal purposes for centuries.

Inspired, I began to experiment with different natural plant oils and found that they tremendously improved my skin's condition. From that day on, I made using natural plant oils a part of my daily skincare routine.

nörre nordic

Fast forward to ten years later, I completed my master's degree in business and started working in big corporations' sustainability departments. However, my high hopes and belief that every business with a sustainability department was genuinely committed to sustainable practices were quickly disabused.

It became clear that many companies merely paid lip service to sustainability as a trend or marketing tactic, rather than incorporating it into their core values. I realized that building a truly sustainable business requires a fundamental shift away from exploitative practices, rather than just a surface-level commitment to sustainability.

Nörre Nordic founder

Starting my own natural skincare brand was the logical next step for me. I wanted to create something that truly aligned with my values and beliefs. It was important for me that the products were fully natural, without any harmful ingredients. Additionally, building a company that preserves nature and uses only sustainable practices from the very beginning was extremely important to me. I wanted to create a brand that didn't just help its customers but also contributed positively to the planet.

The wild Arctic nature was a major influence on my decision to create a natural skincare brand. I was fortunate enough to live in Finland, a country that boasts more than 75% forest coverage and thousands of lakes. Surrounded by such breathtaking nature, I became fascinated with the powerful herbs and plants that grew wild in the Arctic landscape.

I began to experiment with these wildcrafted herbs in my own skincare formulations and found that they had remarkable healing properties for the skin. For years, I had struggled with my skin, and making my own natural skincare products had been the solution. I knew that I could make a positive difference in the lives of others by offering high-quality natural skincare products that actually work.

Overall, founding Nörre Nordic was a culmination of my personal experiences, values, and passions. By prioritizing natural ingredients, sustainability, and the power of wildcrafted Arctic herbs, I am proud to offer a skincare brand that truly reflects who I am and what I believe in. Today, I am thrilled to see my customers enjoy healthy and glowing skin without compromising the environment.

With love, Laura